QUESTION: Who are your mentors?

“Kindness is igniting a light in someone else
no other reason than to watch
them enjoy the glow.”


Major love to Rhonda Swan and
Brian Swan of the Unstoppable Family!!! 🏄

In 2011 these two fun-loving travelling souls
were brought into my life via network marketing.

They have hearts of gold 💛💛
and go out of their way to help!

They have also unselfishly given me so much value toward
my personal and professional life that I will cherish always.

I’m so grateful for the amazing memories we’ve made!

Love you two lots and I’m so proud to call you my friends!

Thank you for everything! ☺️🙏

~ Heather

Comment below who your mentors are!
Or if you know how amazing
the Unstoppable Family are,
show them some love today!

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